Body x Kristina, a fitness and wellness powerhouse, creates efficiency and confidence
in movement one body at a time. Each program is designed to fit specifically for each individual’s
needs by meeting you at your own fitness level when you start and progressing you through mechanics,
awareness, and movement coaching. There is no one formula to movement. It lives within you.
BxK finds that equation and awakens you to it through intuitive, specific and purposeful teaching.
The end result is the body you should be living in with less pain and disconnect and more efficiency,
strength, length, alignment, and balance. Through Kristina’s teachings, problem areas
(imbalances, misalignments, weakness, tightness, etc.) are addressed and the mind is connected to train
the neuromuscular system out of bad habits and into more functional, sound, and healthy movement.


“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” – Eckhart Tolle.

Without awareness, we continue life in a stagnant state. We live in murky waters without
recognizing the clearer water just 25 yards away. Translated to our bodies, we continue to live in
pain or discomfort without realizing how to make things better. Or even, without realizing that there
is a way to make things better. We go through life with our body in pieces instead of together as one
whole piece. Awareness is putting the puzzle back together and moving fluidly through life.
May you always move and may you always move well.


Everything in life is movement. Not just the movement of our bodies, but the movement of
our minds as well. Inspiration and creativity is movement. If we stop moving, we are no longer
living. If we stop moving, our bodies and minds stop singing. Aristotle once said, “Life requires movement.”
It is my greatest passion to create movement and inspiration and watch bodies heal and grow all
at the same time. BxK has helped awaken better movement in many different types of bodies
– from professional athletes, new moms, soon to be moms, business executives, doctors, physical therapists,
retirees, to college students, and so on.


The beauty of the world lies in our own individuality. Just as we entered the world
unique from anyone else, we must remain unique from everyone else. This goes for fitness and
wellness programs as well. BxK champions individuality and highlights specific short term and
long term goals. We will never be our most efficient and confident selves until we tap into what is truly
unique to us. As Lady Gaga says, “You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way.”