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13 Jan

Pilates. It Just Works.

When Steve Jobs spoke about Apple – its designs and new innovations – he often followed up the presentation of each new idea with β€œIt just works.” This long used slogan came from one of the earliest models in the late eighties. It was as...

23 Apr

Scapular Pushups – Move of the Day

Happy Monday lovelies! This week's exercises are going to focus primarily on the arms and upper body. Alignment, strength and functionality of the upper body is incredibly important to combat common issues like rounded shoulders and forward head postures. Sit at a desk all day? Then...

15 Apr

Modified Side Plank – Move of the Day

Hope you're moving well through your weekend! Today's move is Modified Side Plank. Great for sculpting those sides, strengthening the shoulder into the back and an excellent exercise for safe abdominal work. This is a great one for mommies rebuilding their tummies. How to do this...

8 Apr

Teaser Prep – Move of the Day

Get ready! This week's moves will all focus primarily on the abdominal muscles and deep core connection. Today is the Teaser Prep. Teaser is the signature Pilates move and there are many ways to prep for it. This prep move takes momentum out of the equation....

7 Apr

Basic Swan – Move of the Day

Today's move, the Basic Swan, is the ultimate posture corrector. I am sure you have seen those infomercials or heard a friend talking about one of the many posture correcting braces out there. They wrap around the front of your shoulders and connect to a...

6 Apr

Spine Twist – Move of the Day

Wring it out! Today's move is the Spine Twist. This is a great exercise to get some wonderful connection through the oblique muscles as well as length through the spine. It is a foundation exercise for teaching the body how to stabilize through the pelvis...