Food in Color: All About Kiwis

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10 Feb

Food in Color: All About Kiwis

Have you ever thought of foods as being directly connected to your emotions and moods? When I was going through health coaching school and beginning to eat better, I noticed a huge change in my moods and overall mental state. I was happier, less moody, more of a morning person (which was key for my early morning client sessions), slept better through the night, had more energy overall and just plain felt better in every way. Foods are not often thought of as mood boosters but they certainly can be, and with a whole well-rounded diet, those up lifters can be felt in powerful ways.

One such example of a food that packs a powerful mood boost is the Kiwi. I love the kiwi for its unassuming outer appearance compared to the vibrant green beauty inside once cut open. It is not typically considered a superfood, but with the high amounts of vitamins and minerals in such a tiny fruit, I think it deserves every right to be considered a superfood – or superfruit at least.

With approximately 85% daily value needed for Vitamin C, the Kiwi is an excellent fruit for boosting immunity. A healthy intake of Vitamin C has been shown to be helpful against conditions like asthma and arthritis as well as for protecting against colon cancer. With a better working immune system, the body is able to fight off infections and diseases better than a body without a protective immune system in place.

Kiwis are also a powerful antioxidant food, providing the body’s cells protection from oxygen-related damage. “Researchers are not yet certain which compounds in kiwi give it this protective antioxidant capacity, but they are sure that this healing property is not limited to those nutrients most commonly associated with kiwifruit, including its vitamin C or beta-carotene content” (The World’s Healthiest Foods).

Kiwis contain enough dietary fiber to improve the body’s digestive system which has been shown to lower cholesterol and thus decrease the risk of heart disease and heart attack. Fiber rich foods also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels which has been shown to not only ward off or help symptoms of diabetes, but also has been tied to improving moods, lifting depression and controlling emotions. In recent years, a healthier digestive system has been linked to healthier mental states. It all begins in the gut.

So, when we eat, it is helpful to think if what we put into our body will help or harm our overall wellbeing which goes far beyond weight and body appearance. How we feel is absolutely in our control with the foods we choose to eat. Experiencing this firsthand myself was one of my biggest motivators for continuing to eat healthfully – to nourish not only my body but also my mental state.

In our home, we eat kiwis daily, especially now with the threat of Covid making a healthy immune system so important.

Add this beautiful green fruit to your shopping cart the next time you do your grocery shopping. You might just feel a lift in your mood.

You can add them to your morning breakfast. Fresh cut kiwi go great in a homemade batch of oatmeal with raspberries and walnuts or as a snack on its own with other fruit like mango. If anything, you’ll know you’ve taken in almost all of your vitamin C intake with just one serving of Kiwi.


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