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15 Apr

Modified Side Plank – Move of the Day

Hope you’re moving well through your weekend! Today’s move is Modified Side Plank. Great for sculpting those sides, strengthening the shoulder into the back and an excellent exercise for safe abdominal work. This is a great one for mommies rebuilding their tummies.

How to do this exercise:

Begin by sitting on one side with that elbow directly under the shoulder. Knees and feet stacked with the knees bent at approximately a 45 degree angle from the hips. Lift up into the modified side plank position. Top arm will reach up to the ceiling with the knees and feet staying stacked. Hold this position for a full breath then lower back down. Do 3-4 reps of this prep work.

After the prep work, hold the last plank position, and move into the leg lift. Float the top leg up then pull that knee towards your chest. Take the leg back to the float position. That’s one rep. Do 4-8 reps. Lower back down and repeat on the other side.

Some things to think about:

Keep the shoulder connected in your back. Feel like you are pushing down into the ground through the fixed forearm and lower leg while at the same time you feel like you are pulling up out of the ground through the rest of your body. This oppositional hold will give you more st

Every move offers the opportunity to challenge you and provide you with insight to your body. Listen to what it is trying to teach you and learn incrementally from there. Strong bodies aren’t made in a day but through consistent work and awareness. 


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