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13 Jan

Pilates. It Just Works.

When Steve Jobs spoke about Apple – its designs and new innovations – he often followed up the presentation of each new idea with “It just works.” This long used slogan came from one of the earliest models in the late eighties. It was as simple as plugging in and boom, it worked. Compared to the other PCs on the market at the time, it really just worked. This slogan came in time and time again with many new Apple products including the innovative iCloud. It just worked.

Why am I talking about Apple on a Pilates post? Because that is exactly how I feel about the movement of Pilates. Plug into the power of Pilates and boom, it works.

I came across a recent article in The Wall Street Journal in which a man named Ben LeNail gives Pilates a lot of credit for keeping him healthy and active in spite of a rare neurodegenerative disease. Adrenoleukodystrophy aka ALD threatened to take something away from Mr. LeNail that he loved and that we all take for granted, the health of his body movement and most specifically walking. The article says, “He credits his weekly reformer Pilates class with keeping him out of a wheelchair.” It is a beautiful and uplifting story that reiterates to me the point that Pilates. just. works.


Before I began my practice of Pilates, I was a twenty-something professional working a corporate job in the film industry. I would leave the office feeling like I lived in a body that was much older and very angry. My neck hurt. I was seeing a Chiropractor two times a week at one point. My hips were incredibly tight. I could feel them whenever I ran. My back hurt. When I played tennis, I threw my back out. This really happened. Tennis seemed like a great way to break up my desk work so I went over to the nearby tennis courts at lunch. Next thing I know, I am laid out on the grass wondering how in the world I was going to get back up. My body needed help.

Enter Pilates. The only time I felt great was after my weekly Pilates class. Nothing hurt. I felt strong. I felt longer, taller. I felt more opened up. I could feel my body working better the more I did it. This was it. This was all I needed.

Eventually, I began doing a weekly private session. These one on ones were the best investment I could have ever made for my body.

No more weekly chiropractor visits. No more yearning for a daily massage. No more just feeling old.

Now, daily, I get to see the power of Pilates in my own clients. The comments after a session often go… “ah that was so good,” “I feel taller,” “I so needed that,” “that was amazing,” and on and on.

It just works.

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