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23 Apr

Scapular Pushups – Move of the Day

Happy Monday lovelies! This week’s exercises are going to focus primarily on the arms and upper body. Alignment, strength and functionality of the upper body is incredibly important to combat common issues like rounded shoulders and forward head postures.

Sit at a desk all day? Then these moves are definitely for you!

Carry your baby around all day and spend most of your time breastfeeding? These moves are also definitely for you!

These moves can be done by ANYone and will benefit EVERYone.

When we are better aligned and able to hold our posture naturally, we look and feel better. Numerous studies have shown that better posture correlates with more confidence.

Let’s get started with today’s exercise – Scapular Pushups. They may seem and look so benign but they are effective and challenging.

How to do this exercise:

Start in a quadruped position with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Keeping the arms straight (the whole time), drop your chest towards the floor (your head goes with the motion). Pick yourself back up to neutral. Inhale to drop. Exhale to lift.

Do 10-12 reps. Keep it slow and deliberate. You should feel the muscles of you upper back engage, specifically the muscles around your scapula and right around the lats.


Do these every day for better posture. Your head, neck, shoulders and whole body will THANK you!

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