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13 Apr

Table Plank – Move of the Day

Today’s move is Table Plank! This is a great way to get everything, and I mean everything, working in a safe and supported way. Abs are on, back is on, arms, legs, everything is turned on in this move. This is a great move for Pregnant and post-partum women getting back into planks safely and effectively. It is also great as a safe weight bearing exercise. If you have a hard time with planks, try this one. Although, remember it is an exercise all on its own and not necessarily easier than a full plank.

How to do this exercise:

From the quadruped position, with hands under shoulders and knees under hips, float your knees up off the floor. Hold this position and take 3 full breaths. Lower the knees back down and take a rest in a child’s pose. Repeat the hold for 3x. Increase the amount of breaths with each hold.

Some things to think about:

If your wrists bother you in this position, make sure your shoulders are supported in your back. Keep the neck long with shoulders staying out of the ears. Think of engaging through the triceps down through ribs to get the full upper back/shoulder strength. You can also work on your fists until this gets stronger.

You should feel your quads working in the hold position. If not, stick your butt out a little bit more.

There are many ways to advance this move, but for now focus on the form and how deeply you can increase your breath while holding the position. Enjoy!

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