No matter who you are, what you do, where you find yourself in life, and how you think of yourself, you (as we all are) are in a constant state of growth and change. Our bodies are constantly changing through age, habits, injuries, compensations, and lifestyle. Even the best of us can have a hard time navigating these changes or even recognizing them. I believe that every single person has a desire to grow old in the healthiest state possible. It might not even be a thought yet, but nobody should come into old age or even before that with bodies broken, pain everyday and a wrecked inner system. Cars cannot run long without proper maintenance and care. Just the same, our bodies and minds need proper maintenance and care. A coach is an investment in longevity and abundance in health. As Vince Lombardi said, “They call it coaching but it’s teaching. You do not just tell them — you show them the reasons.” A good coach will guide you to where you had no idea you could go before. A great coach will give you the strength and innate ability to do it on your own.

In Studio
One on One

Pilates is an art form. Private Pilates training gives you the ability to become aware of your body and all of its workings. We take a look at what might not be working as well as it could and tap into that to make your body more efficient, strong and functional. From there, the training and exercises progress to give your body more harmony and flow which will translate into your lifestyle, whether you are a triathlete or sitting all day at your office job. Pilates provides the foundation to the many pillars of your life and movements. We will work on all Pilates machines, including the Reformer, Cadillac (Trapeze Table), Wunda Chair (Pilates Chair), Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Avalon, and Oov, as well as other props and accessories to deepen or assist certain exercises. No matter your level of Pilates expertise (from beginner to advanced) or your fitness level, the one on one session is designed specifically for you and your body. Nobody is “too tight”, “too inflexible”, or too anything to start Pilates.

Studio locations in Hermosa Beach, Torrance and Santa Monica.

BxK Mommy

Sometimes the greatest things come to you unplanned and completely unexpected. That, for me, has been the great joy of working with new moms, expecting moms and long time moms still looking to feel better in their bodies. Right after I had been certified for Pre/Post-Natal Pilates work, a friend came to me and asked if I could help with her tummy. Her son was already 6 years old and she was still concerned by her “pooch” no matter how hard she had tried to work out. Turned out she had quite a significant Diastasis Recti. I was not sure what I could do, having not had much experience with this just yet, but told her let’s see what we can do together. After much devotion on her part with weekly one on one sessions (never skipping a week I might add) and with careful yet progressive teaching on my part, her Diastasis went from a significant separation (about 5 fingers) to a barely there slight separation (about 2 fingers and with such a strong core that there was no vulnerability in the space). She has since “graduated” from me and now works out freely with less fear and insecurity. And, she looks better than ever. For myself, I have since, now years later, worked with many more moms and split tummies and continue to see amazing results. The BxK Mommy program ideally begins before becoming pregnant and takes you all through pregnancy with specialized exercises (again specific to your own body) to post delivery with different and even more specific exercises that focus on rebuilding and reawakening the whole body. Post Partum work is done in the comfort of your own home.

Inquire for availability and specific locations.

BxK Tune In

The BxK Tune In program is a movement, health and life coaching program all in one. I take one client at a time for 3-6 months and will guide you to better choices in every part of your life, including workouts, healthier eating, and whatever else might be blocking you from your best self. The program begins by evaluating where you are at right now, where you would like to be (goals), and what might be blocking that from happening. I will give you a few things to start with (daily workouts and a few eating tips) and each week progresses from there according to your own grasp. This can include anything from grocery shopping, how to cook, how to read labels and ingredients, find out what foods are good and bad for you, find out what exercises are right for you, figure out how to grapple specific issues that may be causing stress and how to move past that, repatterining thinking, and ultimately bringing into light the person you want to be.

This program can be done via Skype, phone chats, and/or in person. We meet 2-3 times a month and I am available daily via text and email. I only take one person at a time so that I can focus on only YOU.

BxK Tune Up

After completing the BxK Tune In program, the BxK Tune Up program offers individual check in sessions to maintain all of the hard work already completed. It is normal to fall back into old habits and to need some guidance in resetting and getting back on track. Whether this happens a month, a few months or even a year out from the Tune In, the key is recognizing the “fall back” before it even begins. The Tune Up program serves a refresher to stay on track. Never be too proud to recognize your own limits and find the reset button.